Everyone should have the opportunity and the necessary support to be the best possible version of themselves.

Dr. Hanne Blank Boyd brings a unique blend of rigorous training and hands-on experience to helping clients identify and navigate the “narrow places” that make it harder than it should be to flourish.

Bridging embodied experience, sociocultural analysis, medical/health science, and human factors context to shed light on the obstacles a person may be facing helps us figure out practical ways to make it through those “narrow places.”  Using uniquely interactive methods that draw on multiple modes of learning and knowing, Dr. Blank Boyd works in collaboration with clients to generate robust and flexible ways to grow through and beyond life’s hurdles.

Among the issues and concerns in which Dr. Blank Boyd specializes are:

  • body image, weight, appearance differences
  • appearance bias, appearance expectations
  • ability and disability, illness (acute and chronic), injury
  • aging, negotiating age bias
  • medical interventions and medical advocacy
  • body change and adaptation to body change
  • sexuality, gender, and other aspects of personal identity
  • struggles involving social or professional identity

Considering consulting?  Inquiries are welcome.

While Dr. Blank Boyd works primarily with individuals, she occasionally also works with selected corporate clients with a desire to help their personnel thrive better in and out of the business environment.  Let’s talk.