You Say “Abortion,” I Say Shenanigans

When I hear political candidates spend time publicly debating the abortion issue as they did during the vice-presidential debates the other night, but they do not seem to know, care, or spend time talking about things like:
 …well, let’s just say I assume that they don’t actually care about medicine, they don’t care about ethics, and they don’t care about human lives or human suffering. What they care about, transparently, is forcing women to conform to a certain model of sexuality and procreation.

Because if you don’t care whether doctors are able to save lives or alleviate excruciating pain in an emergency room, and you don’t care whether people are forced into the emergency room in order to get access to reasonable healthcare, and you don’t care how many babies die before their first birthday… I’m calling shenanigans on your theatrics about the sanctity of human life.

Abortion is healthcare.  Healthcare should be a human right, not a privilege.  All healthcare should be accessible, affordable, and performed with care, compassion, and expertise.  Now there’s a political subject I’d like to hear a meaningful discussion about during an election-season debate.

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